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Sightseeing in Geneva

The building of the United Nations is one of the famous buildings in Geneva, this enormous complex, which covers a surface area equal to that of Versailles, was completed in 1936, and Since 1946 it has housed the offices of the United Nations, other places worth visiting are Lake Geneva, the Natural History Museum and St Peter's Cathedral.

Sightseeing in Geneva
Geneva City Tour.

The Geneva City tour takes you through the international part of Geneva, including the peacemaking organizations, while on the tour you get a real taste of Geneva's history with the Tramway tour on Geneva's mini-train.

The tour will finish off with a walking tour through geneva's old town, Geneva's city tour you will have alot more insight into Geneva's history and culture, becoming almost Swiss in the process. I'm sure Geneva's city tour will give you many fond memories of Geneva, the Geneva city tour operates from May to October and depart from Geneva Bus Station.

Tel: +41 (0) 22 909 70 00

Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva is also recognized as the "Lac Léman" or the "Lac de Genève" the lake is an enormous glacial fed lake that is situated in the south west of Switzerland, Geneva is located at the end of the lake, France is just to the south and the very popular Lausanne City is north of Geneva.

A lot of Geneva's residents and visiting tourists like to enjoy the many water sports the lake has to offer, like sailing, wind surfing, fishing, sailing has been one of the most popular activities in Switzerland, which explains why there are so many marinas in Geneva. Many tourists like to rent the lakes paddleboats, there are also Ferry tours available, needless to say the beauty of the lake and it's surrounding mountains makes it a popular destination for many honeymooning couples and tourists.

Natural History Museum.

Switzerland's biggest museum is the natural history museum and has over 8,000 square meters of display area and receives in excess of 200,000 visitors each year, the museum is a much loved local cultural museum.

The Natural History Museum's ground floor has a local fauna, the 1st floor includes the world of birds and mammals, 2nd floor: insects, amphibians and reptiles and other vertebrates, 3rd floor: Mankind's history, geology and minerals from the Geneva area and on the 4th floor Switzerland history and geology.

Impermanent exhibitions are on scientific disputes in the future, present environmental and ecological subjects, there are many more things on offer here that make the Natural History Museum a worthy attraction to visit.

Tel: +41 (0) 22 418 33 40

The United Nations Office.

The League of Nations was first established and recognized right after the World War I and was proposed to endorse protection, avert war, resolve global arguments and develop international welfare. Sadly, the League of Nations was not capable of preventing violence from the Axis Powers during the 1930's and so mislaid a lot of its integrity, honour, and uprightness.

The League of Nations was then replaced by the United Nations after the 2nd World War, nowdays tourists enjoy a directed tour of the United Nations historical hall.

Tel: +41 (0) 22 917 48 96

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