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Attractions in Geneva

The Swiss Alps is one of Geneva's most popular attractions. Other popular attractions include the United Nations Office, the Art and History Museum, Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

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Attractions in Geneva
Rath Museum
This primary Swiss museum is dedicated to fine arts and displays huge provisional shows prepared by the Art and History Museum, established as an award to the Geneva people by two sisters, Henriette Rath and Jeanne-Françoise and instated in the year ...

Martin Bodmer Foundation
The Martin Bodmer Foundation is in Cologny village and has an outstanding collection of Martin Bodmer’s life’s work from the year 1899 to the year 1971. Standing among some the most significant confidential libraries in the world, it has about 16...

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
Geneva is the origin of the International Red Cross, which is located just otherside of the Palais des Nations, this museum was inaugurated in 1988 to give tribute to the unusual heroics of the men and women from the Red Cross who have helped mankind...

St Peter's Cathedral
Cathedral St-Pierre is also known as St. Peters Cathedral and is partially a Romanesque and partially a Gothic house of worship that's situated in Geneva's old town. John Calvin gave sermons at St Peter's Cathedral from the year 1536 to 1564, this ri...

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The Swiss Alps

Geneva connects two huge mountain ranges, the Jura Mountain Ranges that are sited in the north and the foothills of Swiss Alps that can be found in the south of Geneva City.

[ The Swiss Alps - More Info ]

The United Nations

The League of Nations was then replaced by the United Nations after 2nd World War.

[ United Nations - More info ]

La Roseraie

Rose Garden or the La Roseraie which is located in Parc de la Grange in Geneva or known as Grange Park.

[ La Roseraie - More info ]

St. Peters Cathedral

Cathedral St-Pierre is also known as St. Peters Cathedral and is Geneva's partially Romanesque and partially a Gothic house of worship

[ St. Peters Cathedral - Info ]

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is also recognized as the "Lac Léman" and the "Lac de Genève" the lake is an enormous glacial fed lake that is situated in the south west of Switzerland.

[ Lake Geneva - More info ]

Quai W. Wilson

Since Tate Modern opened in 2000 in the former power station building, it's become one of Geneva's biggest tourist attractions.

[ Quai W. Wilson - More info ]


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