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Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva

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Geneva connects two huge mountain ranges, the Jura Mountain Ranges that are sited in the north and the foothills of Swiss Alps that can be found in the south of Geneva. Both of these ranges give the town a picturesque beauty and it would be any painter’s dream to come here to paint some of the most spectacular views on Earth.

Walking the typical trails from the renowned Mont Blanc to the shade of the uneven Matterhorn, the Swiss Alps is an energetic hike at heights of 5,000 to 10,000 feet which has transcendent plunders to audacious mountain trekkers.

There are additionally increasing outgoing views of the luminous immense peaks and glaciers and delightful alpine cottages with their boxes of flowers that can be seen in the clear mountain air and are among the major reasons why tourists from around the world visit the Swiss Alps.

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Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

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