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After Dark in Geneva

The Old Town is a good area to head for when your looking for some entertainment during night-time as well as the Rues basses. There are plenty bars and venues worth visiting like the Alhambar Bar, Grand Theatre de Geneve, Victoria Hall Concert Hall and White'n Silver Nightclub.

Geneva Nightlife
White'n Silver Nightclub.

White'n Silver is the successor of club 58, Club 58 was one of the most famous nightclubs in Geneva where lots of celebrities from the show biz world organized their respective events and shows over the past 50 years.

White'n Silver is a now a club that is dedicated to people who like to party and have a good time in this well designed nightclub, the club is hi-tech and is designed with illuminated walls as well a luminescent floor that will impress any of it's visitors.

To make White'n Silver look cooler everything is created in glass, light and metal, ie: the VIP quarter, the glass bar and the restrooms are in metallic lattice, the White'n Silver Nightclub is one of the most popular night clubs in Geneva and is an ideal venue for a fun night out.

Tel. +41 (0) 22 735 1515

Alhambar Bar.

Alhambar is a bar and pub that the people of Geneva have a high regard for, this bar is a great place to drink after work during the week or during weekends, the weekends are normally quite busy so you might want to arrive early if you want to gurantee getting a seat.

The Alhambar Bar has great decor to, including velvet couches and vintage furniture that adds a touch of elegance that instantly transports you to another time, the bar is open all week apart from Mondays and closes at 2 a.m.

Tel. +41 (0) 22 312 1313

The Grand Theatre de Geneve.

The Grand Theatre de Geneve is regarded as a institution as well as a venue, the Grand Theatre de Geneve is the largest theatre in the French speaking part of Switzerland and regularly holds opera's, dance performances, recitals, as well as concerts.

For maximum security, as well as efficiency the stage machinery was upgraded and is now fully computerized, the stage has a self supporting hydraulically powered backstage and the proscenium arch can be adjusted to different levels, the Grand Theatre is also used for several formal as well as informal gatherings.

Tel. +41 (0) 22 418 30 00

Victoria Hall Concert Hall.

Victoria Hall was built at the end of the nineteenth century to honour the English queen, this amazing concert hall looks very luxurious and has great acoustics, Victoria Hall is a 1,866 seated hall that has been the home for the famous Orchestra da la Suisse Romande.

Victoria hall is Geneva's most famous musical institution that is famous throughout the world, much of the music from the last 50 years was conducted by Ernst Ansermet, this music maestro is closely associated with Igor Stravinsky, Victoria Hall is Geneva's classical concert venue and also holds regular Opera performances.

Tel: +41 (0) 22 418 35 00

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After Dark in Geneva

After Dark in Geneva

After Dark in Geneva

After Dark in Geneva

After Dark in Geneva

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